• consider how the country can leverage on Fintech in the critical sectors of the economy, including access to finance, delivery of e-services to vulnerable sections, record management and other government services, access and adoption of digital payments, and to study the developments in these areas;
  • advise on how to develop FinTech space in Zimbabwe with a view to make a flexible regulatory environment which can adapt to the dynamic nature of financial and other technologies;
  • identify potential and existing gaps of developing FinTech space in Zimbabwe;
  • promote the leveraging on Fintech to promote inclusion, efficiency and economic growth
  • promote ease of doing business in the financial sector through FinTech;
  • propose measures to ensure a successful FinTech hub;
  • develop regulatory interventions including innovation platforms such as regulatory sandbox, innovation hubs and accelerators, that will enhance the role of FinTech;
  • consider development of open data and centralized e-eKYC platforms;
  • keep abreast of the developments in the Fintech sector globally, and in Zimbabwe;
  • produce and publish a periodic report; and
  • consider international and regional cooperation opportunities in areas of Fintech.