Operating Banking Institutions

ZB Bank Limited

Head Office
ZB House,
46 Speke Avenue,
Telephone: +263- 4 -757471-94, 775560, 756781
Fax: +236-4-751741
Telex: n/a

Website: www.zb.co.zw

Postal Address
P. O. Box 3198.

Type of bank: Commercial

Date of establishment: 1951


  • ZB Bank has its origins in Netherlands Bank of South Africa which commenced banking operations in 1951. These operations were sold to the Netherlands Bank of Rhodesia in August 1967 and the company changed its name to Rhodesia Banking Corporation Limited in 1972 and then Rhobank in 1979. After the acquisition of a majority shareholding in the company by the Government of Zimbabwe in 1981, the company changed its name to Zimbabwe Banking Corporation Limited
  • The Bank became a subsidiary of Zimbabwe Financial Holdings Limited (FINHOLD) in 1992 following a restructuring of operations in which non-banking operations were removed from the Bank. The bank was renamed ZB Bank Limited in 2006 following the adoption of a monolithic brand by the group.

Ownership: ZB Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZB Financial Holdings Limited (ZBFH)

Chairman: Mr. Stanford A. Sibanda

Managing Director: Mr. George Nheweyembwa

Auditors : KPMG Chartered Accountants

Number of employees: 631

Number of branches : 47