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Our Vision

To be a transformative and responsive Central Bank, superintending over a stable financial system, which inspires stakeholder confidence in the pursuit of Zimbabwe's sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Our Mission

Maintaining macroeconomic and financial stability through the formulation, implementation and monitoring of credible policies, risk-based supervision of banks, and facilitation of capital inflows; supported by a skilled human resource base and a modern integrated ICT system.

Our Values

  1. Fairness and equality in employment opportunities;
  2. Openness without offence;
  3. Honesty, integrity and uprightness;
  4. Transparency in whatever we do in the name of the Bank;
  5. Commitment to teamwork and cooperation;
  6. Learning organization;
  7. Respect for one another without discrimination;
  8. Helpfulness and approachable;
  9. Clients and customer focused;
  10. Involvement and commitment;
  11. Decisiveness, action and results oriented;
  12. Accountability;
  13. Professionalism;
  14. Success-driven;
  15. Time conscious;
  16. Respect for the environment.

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